The project streetwork@online seeks to establish a dialogue with young people from Berlin between the ages of 16 and 27 in order to strengthen their capacity for critical reflection and support them in their identity formation. We stand for respectful coexistence in a pluralistic society.


With a broad spectrum of internet-based measures and offline programmes we aim to counteract radicalisation justified on the basis of Islam. The project is supported by the Landeskommission Berlin gegen Gewalt (Berlin Commission against Violence) and mainly focused on online measures and actions.


Key activities:


  • Virtual streetwork: The team reaches out to young people through social media. In practice this means that we participate in discussions in comment columns of various Facebook groups or engage in one-to-one chats. The aim is to inspire users to reflect on their own perspectives and actions. This is done by either empowering or questioning their set of opinions. The demand for this virtual streetwork is currently the highest on Facebook, where low threshold extremist propaganda is very widespread and open discussions are prevented by the so-called echo chamber effect.


  • Iam-street Berlin: Via the platform Iam-Street Berlin (Website, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram) we publish mainly video content. The intention is to motivate young people to participate in a democratic discourse. We focus essentially on interviews produced together with local film-teams. These interviews with strong and popular personalities aim to inspire our target audience to follow their own path.


  • Workshops: Together with experts and partner organization we offer workshops for people working with youth (to increase awareness for extremism and radicalization) and also workshops for our target group.


The streetwork@online team consists of eight people. We combine specialist knowledge and several years of working experience in the fields of streetwork, psychology, theology as well as cultural and media pedagogy to create an innovative approach. Due to various cultural and religious imprints we are able to gain access to our target group in an empathic and respectful manner.


AVP (Akzeptanz – Vertrauen – Perspektive) e.V., the social support institution of streetwork@online, forms the basis of our work with 15 years of expertise in the field of migration and youth work.


Experts in the fields of social work, sociology, psychology and Islamic studies support the team. Currently we are e.g. working together with a psychologist (Dipl.-Psych. Florian Jäger) in order to assess the impact of the virtual streetwork scientifically.


AVP e.V. fördert seit 2002 die Bildung, Erziehung und Integration von jungen Menschen mit und ohne Migrationshintergrund.